How to Check the Audio Balance of An Earphone

How to Check the Audio Balance of An Earphone

Checking the sound of headphones is possible without the help of the masters of the service center. This accessory, which is connected to the phone, laptop, computer. It allows you to view media and listen to music without discomfort to others. Headphones are easy to connect to devices, and before use, it will not hurt to check the sound, volume, and other parameters. Free online tests and apps have been created to do this.


How to check headphones and speakers for sound quality

The health and sound quality of the headphones are determined by techniques designed to determine a specific setting or universal applications. Popular:

  1. Online services. To check to determine the service, go to the site, run a test, and analyze the headset state.
  2. The programs. Download the software for testing and installation. The option is suitable for highly specialized testing. The quality of verification does not depend on the site’s operation, browser, or the speed of the Internet. Programs determine the basic parameters of the device, characteristics.

It’s easier to test your headphones with the right track and video. The procedure will be necessary if there are doubts about whether the emitters play with the same volume or not. You can check your headphones for high quality in the video:

Using an online test, they test full-size, intra-channel, and other models of headphones and speakers. When evaluating, you need to connect and observe the phase when connecting the speakers properly. Maintaining polarity ensures the consistent operation of the speakers. Polarity may not be taken into account in monophonic playback, but in stereophonic, the correctness of inclusion plays an important role.


Check the headphones left-right with a test video

The state of sound in the headphones is displayed on the person’s hearing, so attention is paid to quality. To test audio in models, use this technique:

  1. Choose a Stereo mode.
  2. Click on the app on the speaker’s icons. Check the match of the left channel and the right side.
  3. During the clicking, the sound is displayed, and the sound on the left side can be heard. This shows the correct operation of both channels and the correctness of the connection.

Special online recording diagnostic services allow you to check if you don’t have specialized music software. Video to work with similar devices will help.

Diagnosis will be possible with a reliable internet connection channel. This prevents health checks from minimal difficulties.


Check the stereo sound right and left using the test track

Stereo testing is easier to perform with a music track. To do this, find music on the Internet. Professional studio recording will also be suitable. This check is not accurate, but it will allow you to understand whether the device is satisfied with the sound or the device works.

When downloading audio, you should make sure that the player through which the track will be listened to is high quality. After all, a bad signal source compresses and deforms the sound, giving out bad results.

Those who prefer not to watch the video, but to test the headphones in another way, should turn to the test tracks. Records are popular:

  1. Knock on the door. First knocks in the right speaker. After that, the sound goes to the left channel. Listening quickly will show which one works worse or doesn’t function at all.
  1. Frequencies of 20 GC – 10 kHz. Testing is the even direction of the signal in both speakers. The same sound on both sides understands the absence of problems in the left and right dynamics.

If the sound is delayed on the left or right, it is heard out of the center. It will be easy to determine the malfunction of the speaker. To fix the problem, you should contact the experts who are also performing a serial number check or fixing the problem yourself.

You can determine a possible marriage if you download a file reproducing knock and frequency. There are variants with phrases in an audio file. It sounds when you turn on and defines the channel.

The simultaneous sound on both sides indicates a problem in the jackpot. Most often, the breakdowns concern the areas where the signal wiring of the channels is spiked.

If you can’t test the track, you can use the program for your PC. It is used to perform the procedure of positioning sounds in headphones.

To check the imbalance between channels and volume levels, turn on the track in Mono mode, set the volume, and check audio recordings.

Also, choose the right sound, start the song and listen to it. If the tone shifts, the imbalance of channels is obvious. Correct models should give a rich and realistic sound.

A monophonic twist-top is used to identify problems with the sounds. Mechanical difficulties in the area of low frequencies occur when the membrane is used to be used in something or if there are cracks in the membrane. This is accompanied by resonance at specific levels. The low-frequency rattling can be heard if the membrane gets hair.

On the music tracks at first, low frequencies are played, gradually moving to high. The sound of one channel speaks louder than the other about problems.

Test tracks allow you to independently assess the sound quality of the software player, check the characteristic distortions from the impact of the system mixer OS and other effects.


How to check the balance and sound quality of headphones on your phone

How to check the balance and sound quality of headphones on your phone

You can check how high-quality the sound in your headphones is with apps. The most reliable and informative:

  1. Earphones Test +. The app tests headphones and speakers, assessing quality parameters. It also reveals compatibility with the android device. This option is not suitable for Apple. The tool effectively compares the characteristics and behavior of the headset. It is used to evaluate the new model before buying and clarifying the smartphone’s compatibility with the auditory characteristics of a particular person. The app is downloaded for free. It doesn’t have advertising, and the management is simple. The tester contains prepared tracks, so it does not apply to complex signal generators.
  2. Sweep. A variable frequency is used to play the tone. It is designed to assess the presence of props. The program is used in conjunction with Or instead of Earphones Test, as the first one works based on discrete frequency enhancement, so there is a risk of missing the problem frequency and performing a check not accurately.
  3. HD Pro frequency generator. Designed to select a specific frequency from values pre-prepared. The program assesses the presence of sub sounds at low frequencies.
  4. Check LR. The option is used to check channels on the left and right sides.
  5. Compact. Used to test phase and antiphase.
  6. Sound Analyzer App. A demonstration with a change in the signal’s amplitude with a 6 dB in a step is suitable for assessing the characteristics. The app is useful for those who want to gain knowledge of the influence of dB on subjective volume.

The appropriate way to perform the sound test is chosen based on the characteristics of the device. Most of them use music that reveals subtle nuances. This isn’t easy if you need a quick test.

Apps perform audio checks online and identify the marriage, and indicate the service center to the defect.


How to test headphones and speakers for other sound settings

Not only is the procedure of testing headphones and microphones online popular, but also other sound parameters on which the sound of the melody depends.

On bass

Bass checks are performed about all types of headphone designs: overhead, wireless, earbuds, interchannel, and others. Checking the sound of the bass will allow:

  • Identify normal volume
  • Identify the presence of no cod, rattling;
  • find out if there are loud, unpleasant sounds, noises that can harm the hearing.

Old headphones are also checked with the test. If there are membrane defects, small deformations, and malfunctions, the user will hear crackling or rattling. The quality of the soundtrack confirms the absence of interference, cleanliness, and uniformity, the build-up for 20 seconds.

Bass can be:

  1. It’s natural. This is typical for studio models.
  2. Balanced. It is found in musical models.
  3. Excessively powerful. This applies to bass models.

The music itself is also important. For example, listening to dubstep will be more pleasant on bass headphones.

Checking the bass for headphones

Bass enlargement checks are performed on a player, computer, laptop, or smartphone:

  1. For equipment with Max OS, iOS, Android, install suitable applications.
  2. Windows uses programs that are well-set up. Realtek HD Audio provides customization with a sound card. The equalizer ensures the accuracy of the frequency settings.



The volume of sound allows you to broadcast signals to two ears. Thanks to this phenomenon, the right ear hears sounds intended for the left and vice versa. This is found in the JBL speakers. But the headphones clearly share the sound. Manufacturers are trying to solve the problem of surround sound with audio drivers that simulate the location of a source in a virtual space. A 3D spatial sound will allow you to feel the effect of presence.

5.1 surround sound test

Installable programs and online services are being developed for verification. There are two variants of surround sound: 5.1, 7.1. The first comes with 6 sound channels, and the second – with 8.


On sound delay

Sometimes they determine the lag of sound in the headphones. The option is important for wireless headphones. They also check when processing audio at an accelerated pace. The synchronization is sorted out with video help, allowing you to determine whether the sound will lag behind or not.


Balance of sound

Balance helps to figure out tracks with a range of frequencies and knocks on the door. You can download them in FLAC or Wav format.

To properly play the stereo panorama, speakers must play with the same sound spectrum frequencies. Tests create a frequency of 20 Hz-10 MHz and send them with the same level on the speakers. During the inspection, the signal should sound in the center, without deviations.



Playing headphones with enough volume allows you to listen comfortably to music, to have a conversation. If the device works quietly, you should familiarize yourself with the resistance of wired models. Devices without a separate amplifier operate with the resistance of 64 Om. Larger parameters require a more powerful source.

The amount of resistance varies according to the frequency and is represented in a line curve or impedance. The indicator determines the type of emitter or emitters used in the product.


Frequency range

The ACH test or amplitude-frequency characteristic and range of reproducible frequencies will show sound quality, as the human ear does not perceive frequencies beyond 20Hz-2000 Hz.

Tracks are used to test. The male voice pronounces an achievable frequency. When a low-frequency sound appears, this is considered to be the lower threshold of the frequency range. The upper range is also defined.

Beyond the specified value, the sound is quieter. When the headphones do not play above the boundary, a sharp break in frequency collides with wireless or USB models that connect to a computer or smartphone input. Although the speaker can reproduce high frequencies, the built-in CAP or digital format is limited by frequency.


How to check the Bluetooth headphones for health

It is not difficult to test the model’s wireless Bluetooth. There are no differences from wireless models. Among the nuances are:

  1. The dependence of sound quality on the availability of codecs. AptX, AptX HD, LDAC. They include the settings of a smartphone or player.
  2. Dependence on the novelty of Bluetooth. Old versions do not have time to transmit information coming simultaneously as the audio tracks until the fourth update. There are no problems with the transmission of information when using 4.0 options.
  3. Conduct the test with a cable. It shows a good effect when compared to wireless headphones.

Before checking, you should immediately adjust the sound “by air” as the listening headphones will be performed on Bluetooth. The method is also suitable for checking the next-generation HOCO headphones, the Logitech G430 gaming headset, Sony.

The network offers compositions to test gadgets. Their work is based on audio files, for which they require knowledge about the specific features of the tonality. Most users find it difficult to cope with the task. But there are simple options in the form of test tunes and applications. The headset is available through Windows. Standard Win tools provide accurate results.

Due to the pleasant and melodic sounding, eardrums will not overload, and the person will keep the hearing. To check, do not visit service centers and do not hand over the accessory to the masters indefinitely. You can do the test at home online without financial costs. The user will personally be convinced of the quality of playback and will save money.

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