How to Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones to Your PC

How to Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones to Your PC

Every user who works a lot of time at the computer knows how important it is to find suitable headphones (so that the earbuds were comfortable). The most comfortable option is wireless models ( in English, they are labeled as wireless). Such devices are produced by sony, Awei, BT, HP, Dell, Bluedio brands. The Tronsmart brand introduces the Ace and Beat wireless models. But you still need to figure out how to connect the Bluetooth headphones to the computer, because in this case, the scheme is not as obvious as with classic wired devices.


What you need to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your computer or laptop

Wireless headphones can only be used if your computer is equipped with a wireless adapter. As a rule, the laptop manufacturers are ready to build this device. In most models, Asus and Vaio have a built-in device. In honor models, too. It usually starts by pressing the keys. But on a desktop computer, it may not be. In this case, you will need to buy and connect the adapter.

Such device manufacturers produce two types – internal and external. The first can connect through the PCI slot. External things are simpler – they need a USB port.

Whether it’s a desktop computer or a laptop, you need to have the right software. If you don’t have it, you need to install drivers. Below, you’ll look at the step-by-step connection of the headphones in case the adapter is available and the drivers are installed.


How to connect Bluetooth headphones on Windows 7 and XP

Although it’s an old version, Windows 7 continues to work, so it’s worth considering the connection process separately. Before plugging the headphones into your PC or laptop, the user checks for the appropriate module, which was already discussed above, and installed the right drivers.

check whether the device is on Windows 7

If you have listed on your computer, there should be a Bluetooth icon in the three. If you don’t have an icon, you may have to buy and attach an adapter, download, and install drivers.

Check availability of Bluetooth drivers.

It is necessary to act with the “seven” as well:

  1. Make sure the system “sees” the headphones and displays them in the search box. It would help if you used the cursor to select them and press the “Next” button.
  2. Headphones should be turned on. Here, the situation depends on the model; usually, you want to press the turn-on button and clamp it until the indicator is turned on. But some models have a separate Blutus button for activation.
  3. The computer will automatically search for available Bluetooth devices. The name of the headphone model will be displayed in the Settings window, and if the connection goes smoothly, the “Paired” label will appear.

To be able to use headphones, in the tab “Devices and Printers,” you need to become the name of the headset, click the right button, and choose the item “Operation Bluetooth.” You can then listen to music or watch videos.

Importantly! There’s a “Record” tab in the Sound window. There you can check the correct operation of the headset microphone. This will eliminate possible problems.

Although Windows XP is no longer available, this option continues to be used. The connection is similar. You must definitely download the drivers for the device. BlueSoleil is considered a reliable software – it is a universal option.


How to connect wireless headphones to Windows 8 and 10

Whatever wireless devices the user installs, whether it’s Huawei, Sony, or other brand products, to start on the computer include Bluetooth. In Windows 8.1, you can do this in your computer settings or on your keyboard. In the latter case, the adapter button is the same as for the Wi-Fi module. If Wi-Fi works, the adapter is turned on. If we are talking about a laptop, it can be traced by the inclusion of the indicator on the case. When they connect to a personal computer, the BlueTooth icon appears in the bottom right corner of the desktop.

The second method is through the computer settings. In this case, you need to choose to change the parameters. When you click on this line, a new menu opens, where you need to turn on the BlueTooth.

changing your computer settings

Once the BlueTooth is turned on, the computer will automatically start searching for wireless devices. It remains only to choose a headset (pre-turn on). When it is selected, click the “Link” button.

Importantly! In the “eight,” the above-mentioned ways of connecting are not considered interchangeable. You can try to turn it on first through the key, and if you don’t get it, then through the settings.

Windows 10 also requires an adapter – without this, you can’t plug in your headphones. “Ten” automatically downloads and then installs the driver for the headset but still needs additional verification. To do this, you need to press the right button of the Mouse menu “Start” or use a combination of the keys Win’X. When the menu appears, choose the item “Device Manager” and check the availability.

The device manager checks to see if there is a yellow triangle in front of the Bluetooth point, which indicates that the connection will not work.

Checking the availability of connected devices

Then the order of action will be as follows:

1.Turning on Bluetooth. It would help if you pressed the notification bar to activate the icon.

Turning on the device’s BlueTooth

2. Turning on the wireless device. The flashing of the indicator will confirm his readiness to work.

Connect through system settings. Wireless gadgets connect through the Devices section. It would help if you found a window with “Bluetooth and other devices” on the left side. You have to choose this item.

4. There will be a line on top to add a new gadget. In an additional window, you can connect the headset.

Once the headphones are connected, you should adjust the sound. To do this, use a volume icon, which is visible in the bottom right corner of the screen (you want to click the right mouse key), choose the “Sounds” tab, and then – “Play.” This tab goes to connected devices. Often, the “Default” mark is near the speakers. It should be removed and the headphones marked.

Modern headsets are equipped with an additional microphone, which allows you to communicate in a messenger or game chat. The operating system automatically recognizes it as a communication device. If the headphones are activated, the microphone is turned on with them.

If the Bluetooth device supports the Fast Connection feature, then in Windows 10, you can quickly pair it with a personal computer. To do this, you need to switch the device itself to the pairing mode. The computer will then automatically recognize the device, and the user will receive messages when they are at the right distance.

To do this, you need:

  1. Please turn on the device, make it visible to the computer. On different models, this option has customization features. You can find out about them on the manufacturer’s website.
  2. During the first set of the device with the “Fast Connection” feature, choose “Yes” in the window that appears to allow the user to consent to the use of the technology.
  3. When the computer alerts that new Bluetooth equipment has been found, press the Connect button.
  4. After connecting, press the “Close” button.

The user agrees not only to use the technology but also to receive notifications, including updates. It’s a useful feature.


What to do if Bluetooth headphones don’t connect: possible problems

Wireless headsets have many advantages, but they often have problems. These may be related to the fact that the computer does not recognize the headphones. The reasons are:

  1. Because the battery sat down, the headphones turned off. We need to check if the indicator is on the body.
  2. No drivers or incorrect setup. If this is discovered, you need to re-install the software.
  3. Physical malfunction of headphones. The switching button may not work, the battery, microphone, and other parts may fail, including water.
  4. The module itself fails for wireless headphones.
  5. Non-compliance with the distance recommended by the manufacturer.

The user can recharge or restart the headphones, restart the PC, and pair with another sound source.

Importantly! You can check the correctness of their work with a smartphone. If the headset does not connect to it, there is a high risk that the device has failed.

But, if these measures have not brought success, you can not repair the headset yourself. It is better to take it to the service center. Every wireless headphone manufacturer, be it Samsung, Sony, Sven, or another brand, will react negatively to self-repair attempts and remove the device from the warranty. And so the user has a chance to replace the headset or fix it under warranty.

You may have sound problems when you connect, so you can’t listen to music or watch a movie. In this case, it’s a good idea to set up the volume level on your computer first- to click on the icon in the form of a speaker. If this action fails, the problem may be the software. It’s a good idea to upgrade your drivers. To do this, you need to download and install a new version.

If the sound is audible, but the playback is intermittent, interfered with foreign noises, you need to correct the Settings Windows. To do this, open the device control panel, find there an icon to control the sound, and click the right button. This will open up the sound settings. This panel will have a Play tab that also displays a wireless headset. You need to select headphones and click the right key to select the “Default Device” option again in the pop-up menu.

Other options are used to solve sound problems. For example, you can disable the Wireless Phone Service. This is done through the Properties window after the user enters the Service tab.


Is it possible to connect headphones without an adapter

You can’t connect wireless headphones to your computer without an adapter. Another thing – if the module is built into the smartphone, then the technology is used, which will achieve the desired result.

Is it possible to connect the Bluetooth headphones to the computer via phone?

You don’t have to buy an adapter if you have a Wi-Fi router and smartphone. If your phone operates under the Android operating system, you’ll need Soundwire or BlueSoleil (free to connect). The program is installed on a smartphone as a standard application. And also, download a similar program with the same name for a personal computer on the official website available options for Windows and Linux.

Install SoundWire app

After installing the program on the computer, we start the software. You can find the address of the server in the corresponding window. The exact address from this line is entered into the program on the phone. You can then check the status of the program on your computer. The yellow “Disconnected” sign originally appeared in the Status window, a green inscription “Connected” will appear.

Connect according to the screenshot settings

Now connect the blues in the settings of the smartphone itself. Next, you need to turn on the wireless headphones to connect to the phone. When you check them will play the sound that comes from the computer.

There are drawbacks to this option. The sound from the computer is duplicated on the speakers and does not turn off because the PC headphones do not see. Therefore, for the user to be comfortable, the sound on the speakers must be removed to zero. With such headphones will be comfortable to listen to music, but in games and when watching movies, there is a possible delay. To use the headset was comfortable, it is better to buy an adapter. Then it will be easier to set up the headphones.

When you connect a headset without a wire to a computer or laptop, there should be no problems, provided the user has an adapter. Drivers to install the device can be downloaded for free. Setting up your own connection is easy if you follow the instructions.

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