How to Fix Wired Headphones if They Don't Work For No Reason

How to Fix Wired Headphones if They Don’t Work For No Reason

To determine why headphones do not work on a smartphone or laptop, you can and without education in electronics and engineering. The variety of factors that cause discomfort when listening to music or watching a movie is enormous. They are divided into software – eliminated by changing settings and hardware – physical damage to electronic components.

Instructions and recommendations are relevant for headphones (JBL, Sony, Sennheiser, KOSS) and Android phones (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei) of all manufacturers. The iPhone will be discussed separately.


The reasons for the headphone malfunction and how to fix them

The reasons for the headphone malfunction and how to fix them

If wired headphones have stopped working for no apparent reason or their sound does not satisfy, the search for the problem should be approached comprehensively. Among the typical problems:

  • Damage to contact at the connector (jack) ration site may not function for both of them.

Fallen contact (-s) should be flattened in place or replaced with a plugin following the headphone crucifying – it can be done by yourself.

  • A thin cable breaks if it is sharply pulled or tightened strongly – the problem is more difficult to detect, especially if you use a cheap accessory with the thinnest wires or damage near the driver. Visually, the precipice is invisible because the isolation remains intact.

It’s easier to buy a new device. As an option – to disassemble the headphones and carefully examine the place of rations.

  • The earpiece was out of order.

In the first or third case, the tester will help you – call all the combinations of contacts. Between the left and right audio channels, the resistance is the same (with a margin of ten percent error) between the sound channel and the mass – twice as much.

  • Poor contact due to dust or a foreign object in the headset (if the object is large, the plug may fall out while walking, jogging).
  • Wrong settings on a computer or laptop with Windows (solutions below).
  • Contacts are oxidized due to contact with moisture.
  • The problem with the player is that some apps hang or don’t detect playback devices connected after the program is launched.

Restart the player, browser, or game after the headset is connected. Sometimes rebooting your phone or player helps.

  • Wireless headphones are not detected.

Ensure that the devices are within range of Bluetooth, accessory, and smartphone are equipped with compatible versions of the wireless interface.

  • The headphones stopped working after connecting to another device.

There are two schemes of unpacking contacts in headphones: CTIA and OMPT. Left and right channels are unchanged, and the mass with the microphone changes places. Until 2011-2013, OMPT was predominantly used, and later the market was flooded with models with the CTIA swing scheme. If the problem is with old dusty headphones found somewhere on the shelf, buy an OMPT-CTIA adapter. It will swap the 3rd and 4th contacts or swap them with a ration.

If the contact is cut off, the speakers will not make a noise: put on the headphones, turn the volume to the limit and listen, whether any driver is making noise.

  • Electromagnetic interference – intense electromagnetic radiation prevents the pairing and contributes to the loss of the connection.
  • Smartphone and wireless headphones are at a distance exceeding the range (a couple of tens of meters depending on the barriers), between them full of obstacles in the form of walls. As a result, communication is not established or regularly lost – the accessory functions with interruptions and at a low level of charge.

The lack of sound on the iPhone and smartphone on Android is electrical or mechanical damage to the socket for the devices of reproduction or the train connecting it to the board. Diagnose and fix the problem, trust the service center.

  • Problems with the sound of headphones on Apple products cause non-original accessories and adapters.
  • Users complain that EarPods are detected and charged, and the sound is not reproduced.

Connect your headset to your iPhone, go to Bluetooth settings, and plug in the Lightning device.

A feature of the wireless headset: to transmit sound via Bluetooth, the latter must support the codec used to compress the audio stream.



Apple products are no exception. It also fails, fails, despite the quality and cost.

Music was not played by one of the drivers.

Suddenly, one of the headphones stops playing. actions:

  1. Charge both devices by placing them in a case.
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on your iPhone.
  3. Tap the “I” icon near the Airpods icon.
  4. Click “Forget this device” and confirm the action.
  5. Insert wireless headphones into the case and close for half a minute.
  6. Hold and hold the settings button until the state indicator flashes white.
  7. Re-match AirPods and iPhones.

Additionally, clean the speaker and microphone grid.


Headphones don’t connect; one of them is not detected

iPad, iPhone sometimes does not detect the device.

  1. Make sure both devices are loaded or place them in a recharging case.
  2. Check if Bluetooth is on your phone. If not, include it in the settings.
  3. Choose them as the default audio device.
  4. If it doesn’t work, place the plugs in the case and close for 15 seconds.
  5. Hold the settings button for 10 seconds (the white light flashes).
  6. Match the equipment: open the case’s cover and bring it to the smartphone with Bluetooth turned on.

When it comes to the Mac comp: The 2nd generation AirPods are compatible with macOS, starting with version 14.4 and Sierra. Headphones are detected, but the connection is not established:

  • In Bluetooth settings, select AirPods and click on the cross icon to remove.
  • There’s also a Blutouz setting to find and add the equipment anew.
  • Place the accessories in a case and close.
  • Open the lid in the Bluetooth area.
  • Find the AirPods and Connect equipment in the list.

After a couple of seconds, check the performance of the devices.



Many wonder why it doesn’t work after wet your smartphone, player, or device itself. The injecting and plugs are made from anti-corrosion materials, but metal oxidation is started when in contact with moisture. And these oxides reduce the quality of contact. Brush the correl (e.g., toothpick) and plug (flipper) from the oxidizers.

With wireless headphones, of course, there will be no such problem, especially if the headphones themselves are instant. Like, for example, wireless headphones from the Tyumen brand CGPods. They are not afraid of pollution and moisture. CGPods are much easier to clean – you can wash them under a stream of water. At the same time, the price tag of CGPods is four times lower than that of “apple” headphones, which do not have water protection.

CGPods 5.0 are equipped with a super-strong case made of professional aviation aluminum. To be clear: the same material is used in the production of Boeings. A case can withstand a load of 220 kg. For comparison – the “apple” case “holds” a maximum of 84 kg. Plus, the case helps headphones CGPods 5.0 do without charge from the outlet for as much as 17 hours (4 times more expensive “apples” away from the socket work 25 hours).

By the way, CGPods are practically the only Russian wireless headphones that are not sold in retail chains. You can buy CGPods only directly through online platforms at an honest, direct price of the manufacturer (in ordinary stores with their mark-ups, CGPods would cost 6-7 thousand rubles instead of 3.5 thousand rubles). Unsurprisingly, budget-based but functional CGPods have literally burst into all the TOPs and sales ratings for 2020.


Software issues

On computers (in the example of Windows 10), the sound in headphones can be absent, distorted, have different volumes for channels, crackle, seize, etc.

Make sure there are no apps on your PC to improve or amplify your sound.


There’s no sound

Once Windows is reinstalled, the sound driver is not always installed. Bring the cursor to the speaker in the three. If there is a red cross near it – the driver is absent – it should be downloaded from the official site (through the Update Center is not recommended), white – volume at zero – increase it.


Loudness at zero, third-party sounds

Click on the speaker icon in the right third key, select “Open the Volume,” and adjust the volume.

Make the OS display the sound on the desired playback device if there are more to the PC.

  1. Visit the Equipment and Sound section at the Control Panel.
  1. Click “Sound.”
  1. Open the context menu of headphones and select “Use by default.”

The headphones can connect through the front entrance to the computer, often disconnected from the motherboard.


Windows Audio service not launched

Another option is that Windows Audio, which is responsible for the sound engine, is disabled.

  1. Squeeze Win and follow the “ms config” command.
  1. Open the Properties of Windows Audio service through the right-click.
  1. Set an automatic start and click “Apply.”
  1. Start the service manually.


Poor sound, wrong balance

When there is noise, distortion of sound, it is necessary to disable filters, adjust the equalizer, abandon the option of imitation of the environment or choose another preset.

  1. Open the contextual menu of the speakers’ icons in the tray and select “Open Sound Settings.”
  1. Click “Device Properties.”
  1. Select “Additional….”
  1. In the levels tab, click Balance and adjust the volume ratio of both speakers.
  1. Improvements tab: completely turn off the sound effects.
  1. Extra tab: Select “24 bits, 48,000 kHz” in the drop-down list and apply the parameters of the same name button.
  1. If it doesn’t work, turn off the spatial sound simulation in the next tab.

So you can identify the culprit of the distorted sound. When solving the problem, turn on the desired effects: equalizer, imitation of the environment.

You can find the cause of the headphone malfunction after spending a dozen minutes. The device is easy to repair at home in the presence of a soldering iron with consumables. The problem with the software is solved in a few clicks.

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